For all your dental emergency care needs in southeast Calgary, you can count on Dr. Vranjes and the staff at Dynamic Dental to help you immediately, please call 403-453-5588. We are well equipped to provide treatment for all types of dental emergencies including loose and fractured teeth, toothaches, and other conditions.

In the unfortunate event that you experience a dental emergency, Dynamic Dental will try our best to see you as soon as possible and provide you with the care and attention your teeth deserve. We have accommodating schedules for emergency dental services and make it a priority to serve people in pain. If you call our offices after hours Dr. Vranjes is so committed to helping you he has left his cell phone number on the answering machine so he may be reached at all times.

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Once you arrive at our office, we will evaluate the situation and make a decision as to the best viable treatment options. It can be a toothache, infection, abscess, or any injury to gums, teeth or jaws. At Dynamic Dental we try to attend to every dental emergency, but sometimes we may need to refer you to the hospital or to a specialist for specialized dental care.