At Dynamic Dental we believe that no matter what, being kind and gentle makes all dental appointments easier.  Dr Vranjes knows that some patients feel anxious about dental visits, so we have created a homelike environment where you will receive gentle, compassionate care.  Our team will do whatever it takes to make you feel at ease.

Comfortable appointments customized to your needs

We are open evenings, weekends and early mornings.  Appointments can be short or long, comprehensive or specific, depending on your needs.  We treat each patient as an individual and will listen to your concerns.

Little extras

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you enter our office.  We feature a warm, inviting atmosphere where you can relax prior to your appointment.  We offer a warm fireplace to warm you up in winter and cozy, bright furniture to enhance your comfort. There are ipads with internet accessibility to quickly check your e-mail and over 15 different periodicals to read during your wait. Best of all, we feature a refreshment bar, where you can get coffee or tea, water, juice and chocolate. In each room we have noise cancelling headphones, ergonomic dental chairs and televisions.

Sedation/medication/laughing gas

For those patients that need a little more assistance reaching a calm, relaxed state, we can prescribe oral medications which result in greater anxiety control. These medications have proven to be extremely safe and can help a patient become so relaxed that they will almost fall asleep during their appointment!

Topical Freezing

We utilize topical anesthetics which allow your gum tissues to get numbed prior to receiving any injections. We also utilize a wide variety of different anesthetic agents to ensure that every one of our patients reach a complete level of numbness prior to treatment. You can feel confident that we will not do any work unless you feel completely comfortable.

On time appointments

We find that by staying on time patients are much more likely to be relaxed.

Excellent staff

It takes special people to make dental appointments comfortable and we always make sure that we have hired those special people for you.