Dr. Vranjes and the staff at Dynamic Dental understand that patients today have many concerns regarding the safety of dental equipment and sterilization.  We have an open door policy regarding our sterilization protocol and we encourage you to inspect any of our sterilization areas and equipment when you visit us as we go to great lengths to ensure everything is properly cleaned and sterilized.  Here are some of the steps we take to ensure a clean environment.

Hand Disinfection:

Before proceeding with any dental procedure, all staff members who will actively share in our patients treatment have to go through a process of disinfecting their hands using a special hand disinfectant.  The water tap in our operatory is foot-operated so that at any stage of the procedure the operator can use it Hands-free.

Pre-disinfection and sterilization processes:

All contaminated instruments are collected in a hygienic manner and treated with an enzymatic solution inside a state of the art instrument washer that cleans instruments while at the same time preventing aerosolization of harmful bacteria. Our main water supply received a water filtration system to ensure a clean supply of water to all our dental units and water taps.  Our suction system is flushed at the end of each day and after each patient using a specially designed disinfectant.  Instruments that can be sterilized are then wrapped and sealed inside sterilization pouches that are designed to allow effective steam sterilization of the instruments in an autoclave and maintain them in a sterile state until needed. Our autoclave is a state of the art class B autoclave that allows safe and effective sterilization of all types of instruments even those with hollow tubes such as handpieces and surgical suction tips. We sterilize all handpieces and instruments after each patient.

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Each patient is provided with a sterile tray containing the most commonly used instruments and supplies such as a diagnostic set, syringe and cotton rolls.  Any extra instruments needed for special procedures are provided by the assistant in a sterile fashion and placed inside the tray.  A sterile waste container is also provided for each patient.

Fixed items disinfection:

Items which can not be sterilized such as the dental units, spittoons and operatory benches and tables are disinfected between patients using a special disinfectant spray that is effective on pathogenic bacteria and viruses; such as HIV and HCV; in only 30 seconds.

At Dynamic Dental we adhere to stringent Infection Control Protocols referred to as “Universal Precautions” and WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) recommendations.  We must follow strict guidelines put in place by our regulating body, the Alberta Dental Association and College. This means that every patient is treated with the highest standard of sterilization and infection control.